Below you’ll find a list of all the abandoned amusement parks that have been researched and posted so far. We’re working hard on updating the website and we won’t stop until we have information about every single abandoned amusement park in the states. Enjoy!

Fantasyland, Gettysburg, PA

Nothing captures the imagination quite like a storybook, and with that idea Kenneth and Thelma Dick brought Fantasyland to life. The park was like nothing seen before it, truly a child’s dream come true. Once through the grand gates of … Related posts: No related... read more

Idora Park, Youngstown, OH

Although trolley parks were a dime a dozen during the 19th century, many fell through as the main method of transportation shifted to automobiles. Only 12 operating trolley parks remain in the United States today. One in specific known … Related posts: No related... read more

Palisades Park, Bergen County, NJ

Nestled into scenic Cliffside Park of New Jersey sat a trolley park much like others of the time. Originally known as “the Park on the Palisades” the nearby scenic Hudson River attracted many evening and weekend passengers. The first rides … Related posts: No related... read more

Rockaways Playland, Queens NY

Located on Beach 98th Street stood one of the last great amusement parks in the borough of Queens which stood proudly from 1902 until 1982. Rockaways’ Playland was opened with the hopes of becoming a huge summer attraction for … Related posts: No related... read more

Angela Park, PA

The history of Angela Park started with Angeline Barletta who had envisioned bringing happiness to others by building an amusement park on her families land. The Barletta family purchased several hundred acres along route 309 during the 1940s for family … Related posts: No related... read more

Rocky Springs Park, Lancaster PA

From slow dances under the pavilion to the countless hours spent at the penny arcade, there was something for everyone at the Rocky Springs Park nestled just outside of Lancaster PA. Rocky Springs was the ideal scene for young couples, … Related posts: No related... read more