Abandoned Amusement Parks of California

Park Name



Beverly Rides Beverly Hills
Bohemia Park Los Angeles
Busch Gardens (1973-1978) Van Nuys
Chutes Park San Francisco
Frontier Village Amusement Park
San Jose Santa Clara
Idora Park Oakland
Japanese Deer Park (no rides) Buena Park
Kiddieland Woodland Hills
Lincoln Park Los Angeles
Luna Park Los Angeles
Marineland Palos Verdes
Mission Beach (part is still operating) San Diego
Neptune Park Alameda
Oak Park Sacramento
Ocean Park Los Angeles
Pacific Ocean Park Santa Monica
The Pike Long Beach
Playland San Francisco
Redondo Beach Redondo Beach
Santa Monica Pleasure Pier (Santa Monica Pier) Santa Monica
Santa’s Village Scotts Valley Santa Cruz
Venice-Ocean Park Santa Monica
Venice Amusement Park Venice
Venice Pier Venice (LA)
Wonderland Park (Ocean Beach) San Diego
Zapp’s Park Fresno Fresno

The information in this table was provided by Joel W Styer, all credit goes to him.

Frontier Village, San Jose, CA

Frontier Village, San Jose, CA

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