Abandoned Amusement Parks of Illinois

Park Name City County
?? Galena
?? Rockford
Adventureland Addison (Chicago)
Cream City (1911-1917) Chicago
Fairy Land Lyons (Chicago)
Ferris Wheel Park Chicago
Forest Park Chicago
Fresco Park Peoria
Green Oaks Kiddieland Oak Lawn (Chicago)
Lincoln Park Chicago
Luna Park Chicago
Old Chicago (1975-1981) Bolingbrook (Chicago)
Playland Willow Springs (Chicago)
Riverview Park (1904-1967)
Trout Park Elgin
White City Chicago
(Century of Progress Expo 1933) Chicago
(World Columbian Exposition 1893) Chicago

The information in this table was provided by Joel W Styer, all credit goes to him.

Old Chicago, Bolingbrook IL

Old Chicago, Bolingbrook IL

Amusement parks have always been a memorable part of growing up. Ask just about any adult and they will surely show you pictures of their younger selves beneath blue skies, surrounded by towering rides and a crowd of happy families. … Related posts: No related...
Riverview Amusement Park, Chicago, illinois

Riverview Amusement Park, Chicago, illinois

  From 1904 – 1967 Chicago Illinois was home to a once lively park by the name of “Riverview Amusement Park”. On a multitude of acres sat more than 120 rides including enormous wooden roller coasters, the Aero-Stat, the double … Related posts: No related...