Nothing captures the imagination quite like a storybook, and with that idea Kenneth and Thelma Dick brought Fantasyland to life. The park was like nothing seen before it, truly a child’s dream come true. Once through the grand gates of the park a twenty-three foot Mother Goose stood to welcome all. Live characters including princesses, Little Red Riding Hood, and even Santa Claus paraded the park. Families enjoyed strolls through the lollipop trees and across magical bridges sure to leave the little ones in awe. Everything about the park was incredibly well thought out from the carefully arranged gardens to the eateries like the Gingerbread House and Sugar Plum Snack Bar.


Whether you fancied exploring Rapunzel’s castle or riding the cannonball express, there was hours of fun to be had. Children could enjoy rides such as the Winter Wonderland ride, where a sleigh was pulled through a mock town depicting joyful characters around Christmas time. During the park’s years it attracted over one million visitors which included celebrities and political figures. The quaint park was purchased by the government in 1974 with the condition that Kenneth and Thelma could operate the park for an additional ten years.  Fantasyland closed for the last time in 1980. The park was demolished shortly after leaving almost nothing but the parking lot. The area is used for overflow parking for the visitor’s center now with no trace of the magic that inspired children during its years.