Below you’ll find a list of all the abandoned amusement parks that have been researched and posted so far. We’re working hard on updating the website and we won’t stop until we have information about every single abandoned amusement park in the states. Enjoy!

Old Chicago, Bolingbrook IL

Amusement parks have always been a memorable part of growing up. Ask just about any adult and they will surely show you pictures of their younger selves beneath blue skies, surrounded by towering rides and a crowd of happy families. … Related posts: No related... read more

Mountain Park, Holyoke MA

In 1894 a trolley park sat halfway up Mount Tom in Holyoke, Massachusetts that would later become the famous Mountain Park. It all started in when Holyoke Street Railway Company purchased 365 acres on the side of Mount Tom. In … Related posts: No related... read more

Chippewa Lake Park, Chippewa Lake OH

Contorted branches now weave themselves through the remains of an abandoned amusement park in Chippewa Lake, Ohio. Now nearly unrecognizable, Chippewa Lake Park was once a prime location for Sunday afternoons with the family. Related posts: No related posts. … Related posts: No related... read more