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Mountain Park
Holyoke, MA

Date Opened: circa 1890
Date Closed: 1987
Trolley Park: Yes - Holyoke Street Railway Company

The Queen of the Mountain

Mountain Park, Holyoke Mass., originated around 1890 as part of the Holyoke Street Railway Company. It was one of many New England Amusement Parks that had originated as a draw for the end of a trolley line. In 1929 the park was expanded to include the "Mountain Flyer', a long out and back roller coaster set at the top of the midway and built by P.T.C. and also P.T.C. Merry-go-round #80. Other new (for the day) rides like the "Whip" and "Dodgem" were added too, making "Mountain Park" a fun-filled place to go.

The park was eventually bought by Jay Collins who would also go on to purchase Lincoln Park in N. Dartmouth, MA. The park was again expanded into an art-deco wonderland.The park was painted in fun pastel colors and featured several Fiberglass animals and people adding to the charm. A large kiddieland gave the little ones a special place of their own and the park hosted several group picnics and booked many popular bands of the day.

Gradually though, things began to sour. Nearby Riverside amusement park grew into a Super Regional Park by adding several spectacular rides including the world class "Cyclone" coaster. Smaller, Family owned parks like "Mountain" were closing left and right as BIG business began to take over the Amusement industry. Mr. Collins sold Lincoln Park in the mid 1980s, then watched in horror as that park folded after even adding several new expensive rides. Mountain, on the other hand, wasn't loosing money yet, but the writing was on the wall. While the "Queen of the Mountain" still was excellently maintained and had several good rides, it wouldn't be enough. The public wanted Bigger, Faster, Newer, Better and Mountain couldn't provide those thrills. The train ride accident in 1987 finally sealed the parks fate. The "Flyer" had flew for its last time, The Merry-go-round played its last song, the Dodgem cars slowed to a halt and the park was put up for sale.

Winter slowly turned into spring and many people still held a distant hope that a buyer would be found, the park saved, but wishful thinking turned untrue. No one bought the park and, one by one, her rides and attractions were sold, never again to take their place as part of a truly beautiful park. The "Queen" of the Mountain had finally given up, it's pure and simple charms were not enough, society had passed her by.The lights were finally turned out for good, another Traditional Park Treasure lost for ever. For all of you out there that remembers the Grand Old Lady, the "Queen of the Mountain", may I hope that the following photos of a simpler time and life, spring fond memories of riding the "Flyer" in those great shiny trains, conversing with "Marvelous Minnie" in the Picnic Pavilion, of Park Manager "Walter"s never ending smile , of the "Drop Coin Here and Wait" gag near the arcade, of childhood laughter and Hot summer nights, of all the fun that was to be had, these photos are for you. We didn't really need "Bigger-Faster-Newer-Better" after all, did we?!? Bret Malone 1998

Picture Gallery I - Summer 1985
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Entrance to the Mountain Flyer Back turnaround Kiddie train ride
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Going down the first drop Tempest - main Midway near the office Outside and upstairs on the Dinosaur Den
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First drop Looking into Kiddieland Merry-Go-Round Horse
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Second Drop Dinosaur Den - a two story dark ride Dinosaur Den with the Flyer in the background
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Third drop and Flying Scooters Pirates Den - A "Pretzel" dark ride PTC Craftmenship of the Merry-Go-Round
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Merry-Go-Round Kiddie Tumble Bug (Turtles) Satellite Jets - near the coaster entrance
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Ferris Wheel

Photo Gallery II - after park closing in 1988
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Closed View from the parking lot Not even the Whip was spared
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Kiddie Tumble Bug was in the foreground while the Pirates Den was in the rear The Kiddie Merry-Go-Round and swing ride were once here The Flyer is awaiting a new home
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Between Flyer stationa and lift hill Tilt-A-Whirl was here with the Dogem in the background Bubble bounce was here with the Flyer in the back
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Main Midway looking West Kiddie "wet" Boats on left and Cute Caddies on right Tempast Ride - Going, going, gone
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Looking East into the remains of Kiddieland Dark ride props and signs stored in Merry-Go-Round building Park Arcade, formally a walk thru Funhouse
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Miniature Golf Course near the train ride Dinosaur Den awaits a new home Midway looking South past Whip building
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Sno-Cones and Merry-Go-Round building Ride cars and park props stored in Picnic Pavilion PTC horses await their fate
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The last visit


Thanks to Bret Malone for providing all of the pictures on this page (unless otherwise noted) as well as the history of the park.


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