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Idora Park
aka Terminal Park
Youngstown, Mahoning County, OH

Date Opened: 1895
Date Closed: 1984
Location: Canfield Road and Route 62, Youngstown, OH
Remains: Many Buildings, part of Wildcat, Jack Rabbit, Baby Wildcat
Trolley Park: Yes


Idora Park Ballroom burns

March 5, 2001 Unfortunately, bad luck has fallen upon Idora Park yet again in the form of fire. This time the Ballroom has burned down. Luckily, yet again, firefighters managed to save the Jack Rabbit from burning. The Ballroom and the Jack Rabbit have been two of the biggest hopes for saving a major part of the part. Ironically, the Jack Rabbit is likely to be razed in the future without some help. The fire reportedly started in the basement and was suspicious in nature.

See the following web site for additional information:

WKBN Youngstown 


Brief History

Idora Park was the victim of a fire which destroyed several rides, including part of the Wildcat in 1984. The park operated that summer but with the premier ride gone, the park just could not keep going. They closed for good at the end of 1984. Most rides were auctioned off but the three coasters and many historic building were left behind. Slowly they have been destroyed.

Idora Park Roller Coasters & Rides

  • Jack Rabbit - John Miller, 1910 - 1984 (SBNO)
  • Wildcat - Herb Schmeck of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, 1927-1984 (partially burned, portions SBNO)
  • Baby Wildcat - (portions SBNO)

* SBNO = Standing But Not Operating


Photo Gallery - Idora Park in 1998
[Carousel Building] [Carousel Building] [Carousel Building razed]
This is the famous carousel house. It predated the carousel which was built, I believe in 1922.
Another picture of the carousel house. This is where the band organ was.
Carousel house gone. This was taken 2 weeks after the pictures to the left.
[Entrance and ballroom] [Ballroom] [Cheyenne Shootout]
This is the 2nd main entrance and ballroom.

This is the ballroom. It was built the same year as the JR, 1910. It was considered the finest between New York and Chicago. A lot of Big Bands played here. Guy Lombardo, and the Dorcy Brothers are just a couple. JF Kennedy was here I believe during his campaign for the Presidency.  This was the Cheyenne Shootout. It was a western shooting gallery. It stood across from the Lost River Ride. Unfortunately, there is nothing left of the Lost River.
[French Fry stand] [Wildcat] [Wildcat]
This is the French Fry stand. Idora had the best French Fries around!!
This is the Mill Creek side of the Wild Cat.
This is the famous Wild Cat. In 1984 It, along with the Lost River Ride
burned. That, in my opinion, was the death of Idora Park.
[Wildcat] wc16station1.jpg (65251 bytes) [Wildcat Station]
The Wildcat after the fire suddenly ends This is the Wildcat station. It was built in 1927. They had one death in 1948. The guy was sitting sideways in his seat and was thrown out. This is the inside of the Wildcat station.
[Jack Rabbit] [Jack Rabbit] [Jack Rabbit station]
This is the Jack Rabbit. It's the first thing you see when you pull into the parking lot, (if you could still pull in there).
This is what's left of the minor league baseball field. The Jack Rabbit surrounds it.
Another view of the JR station.
[Jack Rabbit station] [Baby Wildcat] [Baby Wildcat]
This is the station of the Jack Rabbit. This and the back of the ballroom, which I think was a restaurant, is what you see when you come out of the picnic area. 
This is the Baby Wildcat Baby Wildcat. If memory serves, the Kooky Castle was a dark ride. The fun house, Laffin Lena's was close by.
[Main Entrance] [Kiddieland] [Picnic area exit]
This is what I always considered the main entrance. It actually was added sometime in the late 50's or early 60's. There used to be a big electric sign that said Idora on it. I guess it was sold at the auction. If you look, in the distance you can see the ballroom. You came right down along side the Jack Rabbit. Kiddieland
(September 1998 photo)
This is the exit of the picnic area. It came out at the station of the Jack Rabbit.
[Picnic area] [Picnic area]
After you got past the French Fry stand, there was a path to the right and up a hill. This was the picnic area. That's where this picture is from. Another shot of the picnic area. I think this was where the Idora Park
Institute said the Indian burial ground is, but am not sure about that.

I wish to thank Kelly Petrachkoff who provided all the pictures and most of the descriptions in the 1998 Picture Gallery

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