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Angela Park
Drums (Hazleton), Luzerne County, PA

The park had one roller coaster:

Roller Coaster/Valley Volcano - PTC/John Allen 1956-80s1

This is a small coaster (36 feet high), fundamentally identical to the Hunt's Pier Flyer (defunct) and the still surviving coaster at Wyandot Lake, Ohio. It was always a fun ride though.1

 The coaster was repainted in the mid-1980s, primarily through a  volunteer effort.1

Angela was on of those cool little parks that should never have been allowed to disappear. Many of the buildings still stand and the land is intact.

As of 1998, the police were using the parking lot for driver training.1

Those who have seen Angela in operation, likely remember the sign shown to the left.

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Following are original photos, brochure photos and some very sad  demolition photos.

Opened: late 50s

Closed: late 80s

Location: East side route 309, Drums, PA north of Hazleton

Remains: Buildings, foundations, pool

Trolley Park: No

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Part 2: Angela Being Razed

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