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Central Park
Rittersville (Allentown/Bethlehem), Lehigh County, PA

Central Park was the "other" well known park in the Allentown area (Dorney Park is still operating). The most well known feature of the park was the Derby Racer racing coaster. This ride was said to have cost $50,000 when it was built in 1912. It was a side friction ride when built. Since John Miller was involved with the ride, it is very possible that it was converted to under friction.

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Opened: ?

Closed: ?

Location: Hanover / Eaton Ave. Part of site is now an auto dealership

Remains: Little. Footers and small items in woods behind auto dealer

Trolley Park: Yes - Lehigh Valley Transit Company

Book - "Central Park the Beautiful" - A book of postcard and other reprints by Berkemeyer, Keck & Co. - Allentown, PA

Rides and attractions

Following is a list of rides and attractions that were present at one time or another in the park.

  • Roller Coaster - Toboggan Slide
  • Roller Coaster - Derby Racer by Ingersoll/Miller Side Friction (1912-1951)
  • Roller Coaster - Skyclone/Cyclone  (1929-1957)
  • Shoot the Chutes
  • Carousel
  • Circle Swing
  • Frolic
  • Miniature Train
  • Rigamarole
  • Japanese Ping Pong
  • Bowling Alley
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Dancing Pavilion
  • Open air pavilion
  • Photograph Gallery
  • Japanese Pagoda



Little remains of the park site. Behind the auto dealership is a woods. I am told there are footers still visible and that small items can still be found for those who look hard enough.

Postcard Gallery

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Eric Schultz collection

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Street view
Eric Schultz collection

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Central Park at night - Circle Swing
Eric Schultz collection

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Derby Racer roller coaster
Eric Schultz collection

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Dip on Derby Racer
Eric Schultz collection

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Roller coaster
Eric Schultz collection

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Eric Schultz collection

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View from Central Park
Eric Schultz collection

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Eric Schultz collection

Central10.jpg (162053 bytes)

The Grove
Eric Schultz collection

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Tall trees
Eric Schultz collection

Central12.jpg (142180 bytes)

The Pavilion
Eric Schultz collection

Central13.jpg (189239 bytes)

View of a pond in the park
Eric Schultz collection

Central14.jpg (150675 bytes)

Sand Pit & Carousel building
Eric Schultz collection

Central15.jpg (150906 bytes)

The fountain
Eric Schultz collection

Central16.jpg (165664 bytes)

Afternoon crowd leaving the theatre
Eric Schultz collection

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Carousel - note spelling in picture
Eric Schultz collection

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Coaster entering the station
Ralph Decker collection

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