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Doodlebug Park
Trevorton, Northumberland County, PA

Doodlebug Park was a small park aimed more toward children.

Rides at Doodlebug Park included2:

  • Miniature Park Train

  • Small paddle wheel boat on the lake

  • Kiddie coaster (steel) - Allen Hershell)

  • Eli Ferris Wheel (10 or 12 car)

  • Kiddie turnpike ride

  • Kiddie Boats

  • Kiddie Merry-Go-Round

  • Skyfighters

  • Kiddie Tanks

  • Kiddie Roto-whip

  • Tilt-A-Whirl

  • Wooden Carousel (2 abreast), mostly Carmel Horses, broken up (supposedly came from Edgewood Park in Shamokin, PA)


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Opened: ?

Closed: 1976

Location: Approximately 1 block North of route 225 on the East end of town

Remains: Several Buildings

Trolley Park: ?

Book - produced by local newspaper circa 1999

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