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Lakewood Park
East Mahanoy Junction (Barnesville), Schuylkill County, PA
Lakewood Park was located within a block or so of another park called Lakeside Park which closed well before Lakewood. The park property is quite wooded and spread out. In it's later years, Lakewood Park was known for it's Bavarian Beer Festival.

Lakewood once had a large wooden coaster in addition to a kiddie coaster and a Wild Mouse ride. The coaster was designed by Miller and Baker and introduced in 1923. It was removed sometime before the park closed. A miniature train ride circled the western half of the park. The Carousel has been saved and still operates at the Science Center in downtown Grand Rapids , Michigan. It is a Spillman menagerie park machine.

There are still quite a few remains at Lakewood Park to see. The Theater and a few other buildings remain. It is possible to see where the miniature train tracks ran and there is also a very rotted coaster car in the woods. The Festival House still remains too.

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Opened: ?

Closed: 1980s

Location: West side of E. Mahanoy Jct., PA

Remains: Lake, roads, several buildings, a coaster car and many other odds and ends.

Trolley Park: Railroad park

[Lakewood Park]

The above postcard picture gives a clear view of the park with the Ballroom in the upper right. The coaster would have been located to the upper left. The island remains. This view looks to the South.

Photo Gallery - The park in 1998

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Parking Lot

ballroom.jpg (75394 bytes)

These footers are the remains of the Ballroom

ballroompath.jpg (71177 bytes)

Path from Midway leading to the Ballroom

theater.jpg (49983 bytes)

The Theater which sat near the Ballroom

midway.jpg (74906 bytes)

Main Midway

midway1.jpg (73600 bytes)

Some buildings, probably games

midway2.jpg (74861 bytes)

Another view of the buildings along the midway

carousel1.jpg (84276 bytes)

Remains of the Carousel building

carousel2.jpg (84031 bytes)

Another view of the Carousel building

bathhouse2.jpg (55768 bytes)

Lake and remains of bath houses

foundation.jpg (80090 bytes)

View over foundations looking toward the lake

oven.jpg (70245 bytes)

An oven

coaster1.jpg (75068 bytes)

Coaster car

coaster2.jpg (68815 bytes)

Coaster car

coaster3.jpg (73285 bytes)

Coaster car

kiddiecars.jpg (90653 bytes)

Track for the kiddie turnpike

electric.jpg (169092 bytes)

Rough electric used in older parks

train.jpg (149396 bytes)

Roadbed for the miniature train

bridgew.jpg (77669 bytes)

Western train bridge - 1 of 3

bridgen.jpg (80034 bytes)

Northern train bridge

light.jpg (78063 bytes)

An old light

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