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Rocky Glen Park
aka Rocky Glenn Park
New Rocky Glen
aka Ghost Town in the Glen
Moosic (Avoca), Lackawanna County, PA

Photographs as the park looked in October of 1998
All the photographs on this page were taken in late October 1998 at Rocky Glen Park. The park is virtually destroyed. Everything, even things that did not have to be, were demolished. All of the fine stone work which gave Rocky Glen much of it's character was unmercifully wrecked for no obvious reason.

The Might Lightnin (Jet) roller coaster was bulldozed into the parking lot and covered with dirt and debris. Portions are still protruding from the rubble.

It appears that most of the buildings had burned at one time or another. The remains of a restroom which was destroyed into a pile appear in better shape than the restrooms of some operating parks.

There are no standing buildings in the park. All have been destroyed, including those down by the lake. The only thing near the lake is two old coaster car chassis, six or eight whip cars and junk.

If you remember Rocky Glen Park, these photographs will likely make you quite sad. It actually may have been better if a development would have been built. At least the park could have died with some dignity.

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Sign at main parking lot with bus stop under it Looking into park from the  parking lot Looking into park from parking where main entrance was located
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Coaster car chassis in weeds Coaster car chassis Coaster car seats
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Painted board and hydraulic cables Whip cars Whip cars
Rg981039.jpg (106902 bytes) Rg981040.jpg (100147 bytes) Rg981011.jpg (64430 bytes)
Bulldozed roller coaster track roller coaster The roller coaster was bulldozed into the parking lot and covered with dirt
Rg981034.jpg (85890 bytes) Rg981032.jpg (90732 bytes) Rg981020.jpg (98379 bytes)
pool for kiddie boats General park view This was once a restroom - fully bulldozed on top of itself
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Path down to lake on South side of park View along lake where buildings once were Fall view across lake
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North skyride support South skyride support "cave" at west end of park
Rg981015.jpg (89188 bytes) Rg981033.jpg (88041 bytes) Rg981027.jpg (196807 bytes)
General View - North end of park looking east Raised area near center of park
Rg981016.jpg (88839 bytes) Rg981035.jpg (100697 bytes)
The safe is still in the middle of the park office Raised area near center of park Track for Antique Cars
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Raised area near center of park Raised area near center of park Much of the stone work is destroyed like this view shows
Rg981019.jpg (111686 bytes) Rg981037.jpg (70247 bytes) Rg981041.jpg (93660 bytes)
One of the very few things left intact - basically a big planter Looking North from center of park General view on West side
Rg981018.jpg (97021 bytes) Rg981036.jpg (111627 bytes) Rg981042.jpg (109668 bytes)
General view Entrance from parking lot #2 (upper lot) This is a roof sitting where the coaster was located
Rg981017.jpg (85206 bytes) Rg981023.jpg (102787 bytes) Rg981029.jpg (91059 bytes)
Middle raised area Looking toward back (East) from raised area Top of park (West side) - coaster would have been in right side of this view
Rg981024.jpg (95287 bytes) Rg981022.jpg (103918 bytes) Rg981026.jpg (67137 bytes)
North side looking toward coaster Middle, back (east side) of park - this was actually a section of the park with rides Looking toward center of park from entrance
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